You Make Me Feel Famous

I slept late this morning for the first time in about a year, and
When I finally got up, didn’t put the phone straight to my ear
By this time of the morning, I’d be out and about and away
Between appointments, hustling something, but not today

You make me feel famous
You make me feel rich
You make me feel famous
Now make me feel famous
Make me feel famous again

Norman Mailer called to say he’s working on my bio
I’m pricing condominiums in Via de la Valle
I’d love to stay and visit but I’ve gotta catch my flight
And I always wear dark glasses to Spago’s late at night

I don’t need no head shots
I don’t need no resume
I don’t need no press kit
I threw them all away-
I’ve been granted every wish
I got something better than a publicist-

When you look at me and take my head and draw the curtain
I know Liz Taylor never did as much for Richard Burton
There’s presidents, prime ministers and counselors and kings
But unless their eyes looked into yours they haven’t seen a thing


(lyrics: Dan Bern)

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