World War

In World War One
A bunch of people figured
It’s the war to end all wars

In World War Two
Japan and Germany
Lost and still stayed rich
Italy lost and still stayed poor

In World War Three
The Zambians took over
Most of the world
And all of its money

In World War Four
The Chinese made the Mexicans
Pray to Jesus
And chant nam myoho renge kyo

In World War Five
The Germans lost to the Americans
For the fourth time in five wars

In World War Six
Some creature from the edge of the galaxy
Sided with Australia
It could have been decisive
But Australia sucked it up and said
We don’t need your help
Thank you very much

World war, World War, World War…

In World War Seven
We hid in the forest in a bunker
For sixteen months and emerged
With typhus but very much in love

In World War Eight
Utah seceded from the Union
They lost but we decided
To let ‘em stay out

In World War Nine
We sailed to Antarctica in a Mule Bucket
And claimed its land
For greater Omaha

In World War Ten
Pakistan took over
North America
And we started playing cricket

In world war eleven
The people of China and Africa
All traded placed
And made England really mad

In World War Twelve
Canada seceded
From North America
And sealed its borders tight

World War, World War, World War…

In World War Thirteen
Borders were done away with
And all the world was ruled
By some little brat from Mars

In World War Fourteen
We freed the Martian hostages
And gave them all our water
And then they went away

In World War Fifteen
We fired our weapons at the Moon
The next day they surrendered
And finally we won, a

World war, World War, World War…

(lyrics: Dan Bern)

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