Without You

Without you I am isolated in the dark
Without you I’m reduced to walking in the park
Without you I’m afraid to talk to anyone
Without you I stay inside, avoid bright lights like the sun

Without you…

I asked a sick Italian boy if he’d seen or heard
He muttered some directions I didn’t understand a word
I went to see the Sistine Chapel, figured that I should
I kept staring at the floor, the patterns in the wood

Looked like you…

I went to see the Coliseum hoping it was huge
I went down to the drugstore desperate to be soothed
Started smokin cigarettes again, even though they’re bad
I gotta burn my lungs somehow & that was all I had…

Without you….

God gave you to me, & the police intervene
One night with you on a Roman scaffoline
Jacked up by some saint
Oh God, what we could paint

To all the dirty parts of town I look for you my girl
I search all the saddest eyes, you’re of the underworld
Without you all the juice inside me hardens to a shell
Without you all of Rome is just another town that fell

Without you….

(lyrics: Dan Bern)