Why Why Why

We both-should’ve known better
I shoulda written another song
You shoulda stayed home, put on a sweater
And lay beside the fire

We both shoulda kept our wits about us
I shoulda written some letters
You shoulda curled up with a good book
‘Cause then we’d never have met

Oh why why why did we fall
Why why why did we fall
Why why why did we fall
In love

And these strange emotions getting in the way
The cup is always empty or it’s full
Never ever knowin what you’re gonna say
I like my life more predictable
These days, who’s got the time
Or the strength
For another knock-down
Drag-out soap opera
But now it’s too late

We both-must equally share the blame
I shoulda kept on walking
You shoulda looked the other way
And then refused to say your name
When I asked your name


(lyrics: Dan Bern)

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