What Kind of World

It was the best of times
It was the worst of times
We’re reachin to the stars
Life wasn’t worth a dime

You couldn’t step outside
For fear of breathin on someone
Or getting blown down for no reason
By some monkey with a gun

Starts to make you wonder
Bout original sin
What kind of world ar we livin in


I stand on Holy Ground
Walk thru burnin Hell
You look around say cmon this could be Heaven
But it’s like we already fell

It’s like our souls’re no longer connected
It’s like our hearts been led astray
Even the moon is driftin further every second
Eventually gonna go its own way

The land we leave behind
Is no place we’ve ever bin
What kind of world are we livin in


I hear you breathin
See you walkin to and fro
Assume that I love you
More than you could know


It’s hard to fathom sometimes
The randomness of it all
Even if the game’s all rigged
You still no don’t when your particular number will be called

And yet you step outside
The sun’s still there in the sky
And there’s still no great3r thrill anywhere
Than when the wind starts blowin up high

Sometimes I look down and I’m shocked
At the sigh of my own skin
What kind of world are we livin in

What kind of world are we livin in

(lyrics: Dan Bern/ The Needles Pop Group)

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