Wednesday Night

Out on the freeway the cop lights are flashing
Trafficain’t moving and you and me ‘re passing
Something barely lit but still kinda glowing
Sitting and waiting for things to start flowing again

You say the way I’m smoking’s kinda faggy
I say well maybe you’re just a little dikey
I try to show you my new tennis shoes that I paid to much for
But at least they ain’t Nike

This time
It’s a Wednesday Night
And I ain’t dead yet

Some kid someplace is up to no good
With his Mama’s PC he thinks he’s Robin Hood
Stealing from the living and givin to the dead
We shoulda stuck to surface streets like you said


You had the tunes up loud and I think I was hearing
You saying something bout all the magic disappearing
Ever since it got funded by the mega-corporation
Which is some kinda metaphor for the whole nation, I think

It’s a Wednesday Night
And I ain’t dead yet

You could sure use a helicopter in this town
We could buzz all the buildings and then cruise downtown
High above the rabble and the traffic jam
Don’t these people know who I am

Well to tell you the truth I don’t really mind it
When the freeway’s clogged and it gets really quiet
And all you hear’s the rumble of Toyotas and Fords
And it seems like a good time maybe for the Lord to come

It’s a Wednesday Night
And I ain’t dead yet

We’ve moved a quarter mile in forty-five minutes
I wish this car had a frigerator in it
Maybe it’s an accident, maybe it’s a bust
Maybe it’s Canada or Mexico taking us over

When it’s you and me against the world ya gotta be strong
Or at least until something better comes along
I found something jammed in the ashtray, if
You can find us a match, we can make like Jimmy Cliff

I used to feel guilty, and like I had to grovel
Just because I ain’t wrote the great American novel
But I did fill out the extended warranty
In the glove department, we’re covered ’til Saturday

It’s a Wednesday Night
And I ain’t dead yet

(lyrics: Dan Bern)