Via Gioberti

He stands one block from the train station on the Via Gioberti
You never see him anywhere else, but you always see him here
He’s always drinking beer from a bottle and swaying and snapping his fingers
If we could hear the music he hears, Beethoven would be jealous

I got me a little motor scooter, and I’m buzzing all round the town
I don’t know no one and no one knows me
I’m sleeping through dinner and drinking wine until 2
By then, the moon is high in the sky, and fat, and white like me

I fell in love the very first night, that I was here
I crashed a party, or a wedding, or a birthday, some Catholic thing; there were priests
I caught her eye, I thought we’d be perfect, but we didn’t speak
Over and over the last three days I’ve been falling in love this way

I went to the church of San Pietro, they said can’t go in in your shorts
Next day I wore trousers they said can’t go in in those cut-off sleeves
I bought me a dumb soccer shirt and went in, and started to listen to a tour guide who said
This is private, I said, I’m just standing here, he said you been following us around half an hour
I said, ‘scuse me and thought, Fuck you, if I had any thoughts of converting
They’re now completely dispelled

I’ve got the number of someone in Rome, the friend of a friend of a friend
If I called him up, he’d probably show me around and I’d have a great time
He’d take me to nightclubs and find me some hash, and I’d meet all his friends
He probably even knows some Christians whose parents were eaten by lions
But I don’t call, ‘cause I prefer to stumble around on my own
I often wish I had me a friend or a lover along, but then when I do, I wish I was alone
It’s perverse, I know, so right now if I’m miserable, I’m only getting, just what I deserve–

I stand one block from the train station on the Via Gioberti
You never see me anywhere else, but you always see me here….

(lyrics: Dan Bern)

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