Time To Live

I hiked 15 miles
I hiked up to the watch tower
Where I watched an eagle in its nest
But I did not wear a watch
I don’t care what time it is
For me, it’s always time to live

Time to live
Time to live
For myself, it’s always time to live
Time to live, time to live, always time to live Â

Thus far I have been free
Of watches and of clocks
Time has ceased entirely to be
A dreamy, gentle haze
Fills me up with quiet joy
My solitude unbroken on the trail


Don’t leave your problems
To be solved by time
You might not like
The solution

I would sooner walk a day
Behind the burro than spend
Two whole hours on the streetcar
I have watched the white-maned rapids
Shake their crests in wild abandon
Surging, frothing, roaring, overwhelming


(lyrics: Dan Bern)