Thunder Road

I’m as sober as a monk
Sitting on a train
Trying to get wherever it is
They fight the bulls in Spain

I been mostly on my own
Workin this case alone
Staying up late in little
Hotels with no phone

I’m tryin to draw some lines
In the sand to set the stage
Mostly I just draw a bunch
Of lines on a page

In a notebook that I’m keepin
Beside me when I sleep
So I can write my dreams and like
The stuff that’s really deep

Sometimes I forget
Sometimes I remember
My favorite time is when I’m
Half awake and half in slumber

I do not have a pension plan
I do not have a wife
I couldn’t send an E-mail
To save my fuckin life

And I think that what’s important
Is to throw away your fork
To root against the Yankees
Unless you’re in New York

And I think Springsteen and Dylan
Should give it up for good
Unless of course they open up
their shows with ‘Tiger Woods’

And the new millennium
Should have a better name:
The Sunkist Coca-Cola Gulf
Millennium of Fame

We’ve passed Guadalajara
We’ll soon be in Madrid
I might not see a bull fight
But I’ll swear to you I did

And when I go I’ll keep an open mind
And figure it’s a dance
Either way I’d love to get
Some matador pants

I met this cool girl
And I told her I’d been blinded
I said I’ve lost my innocence
But you could help me find it

I called her my honey
She called me her buddy
She said I’d like to talk awhile
But then I need to study

I said come on baby
I’ll take you to Seville
Let’s really go the distance
Let’s make a living will

Leave everything to Jesus
‘Cause he died so poor
Then write some songs and start a band
And then we’ll go on tour

We’ll kill in Argentina
We’ll rock in Santiago
We’ll really be on fire
By the time we hit Chicago

And then I’ll show you Iowa
Where I became a man
And then you’ll meet my mother
And then we’ll wanna scram

This song is nearly over
But it ain’t over yet
It doesn’t have a chorus
And that I do regret

But we could sing one anyway
Just steal some chorus blind
Lift one from the big guy
He probly wouldn’t mind

But I’m not by myself here
It’s not like I’m in the zoo
If I’m gonna sing it
You can sing it too

And if you can’t sing
Try some antiseptic
And if you can’t dance
Pretend you’re epileptic

All right, let’s not screw around now
Here we go
One two three four
five six—oh

Oh come take my hand
We’re riding out tonight to case the promised land
Oh Thunder Road
Oh Thunder Road
Oh Thunder Road….

(lyrics: Dan Bern)

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