The Legend of Yasiel Puig

He came from Cuba
From Cienfuegos town
His Daddy worked in the sugarcane field
But the boy would find his way
In a different kind of field
Here’s the legend of Yasiel Puig

Seisenta y seis (Seisenta ya seis)
That’s 66 of course
They call him the Wild Horse (el caballo salvaje)
Seisenta y seis (seisenta y seis)
Fire it from right field to 3rd base
66 Yasiel Puig
The Wild Horse, Yasiel Puig

He played his ball in Cuba
But he dreamed of the major leagues
But things were not so easy leaving Cuba
1st time the police stopped his car
2nd time the boat never got that far
3rd time a police raid threw him in jail (whoa horse, whoa)
4th time the coast guard said no no
just when he thought they’d let him go
5th time he escaped to Mexico

And now you see him nightly
On every TV screen
He hits home runs, he dives for balls
He’s in the major leagues
Just a kid from Cienfuegos
He’s number 66
The Wild Horse, Yasiel Puig


(lyrics: Dan Bern)

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