Someday you’ll walk where I am
And then you’ll see my footprints left in the sand
I feel you moving in my wake
So please try to learn from my mistakes
Do not judge from where you stand
Someday you will understand
I want what’s best for me and you
And I know that you want it too, Suzanne

I know someday you’ll understand
I know someday you’ll understand

As you sit there in the shade
And reflect on the choices that I have made
Just remember what I’ve done
Has been done in the glare of a blinding sun
Someday you will understand
Someday you’ll be dealt my hand
Someday I will shout your name
And I know you’re deciding the same, Suzanne


I hope I don’t sell you short
Maybe you see it clear from your far-off port
But I can’t look back and check
With every step I risk my neck
Someday when your sky is blue
You’ll know what I’ve left to you
Then you’ll know what you must do
And you’ll know that my heart has been true, Suzanne


(lyrics: Dan Bern)