Today I woke up early
And I crawled outta bed
For a second in the mirror I saw the demons
Dancin’ round my head

Today just kinda sat there
Even the trees got all corrupt
Out on the horizon
The sun could barely get it up

Every day’s a struggle
Just to stay alive
Every day’s a struggle
If you’re lookin’ to survive

There’s a poet in the dumpster
There’s a cockroach in my shoe
There’s a mad man in the attic
Sniffin’ some kind of glue

I’ve been lookin’ for salvation
In the hole of my guitar
Every time I drive a mile
I gotta fix my fuckin’ car

Every day’s a struggle
Find a reason to keep on
Every day’s a struggle
Just to make it til the dawn

There’s a question I want answered
One thing I’d like explained
If God ain’t cryin’ for us
What the hell is all this rain

Sometimes I’m Lewis Carol
My Wonderlandish town
When I think I’m comin’ up the steps
I’m really goin’ down

Every day’s a struggle
Just to get up off the floor
Every day’s a struggle
It’s emotional war

I notice that you’re wearin’
A really low cut dress
Let’s do what we gotta do
And then go confess

Confess to the priestess
At the Walmart bargain floor
She’s a real go-getter
A credit to her store

Every day’s a struggle
To keep the dollar in its place
Every day’s a struggle
To find a human face

The last computer holdout
Has fallen by the way
I’m auctioning my memories
At midnight on Ebay

I’m tearin’ up the chat room
My website’s got the kiddie porn
Let the police come get me
I’m set to be reborn

Every day’s a struggle
To get out of bed again
Every day’s a struggle
On the windy, sandy plain

The Bobbsey twins just arrived
On the arm of Bobby Knight
I hear they’re doin’ ecstasy
And dancin’ with a strobe light

I don’t mean to be nosy
But what’s that on your nose
My joint’s lit up through Rampart
You could even say it glows

Every day’s a struggle
Bangkok to Kalamazoo
Every day’s a struggle
And tomorrow will be too

The Russian Revolution
Gets replayed every day
On all-talk radio
Let’s all hear Jesus say:

Every day’s a struggle
You can hardly catch your breath
Every day’s a struggle
Another day of cheatin death

(lyrics: Dan Bern)

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