Somebody Is Watching You

Keep your hands to your sides, but not in your pocket that’s fine
Now we’ll see how straight you can walk a line
On the other side of a camera lens
Are standing those you call your friends
Somebody…somebody is watching you

Keep your hair in place ‘cause you might get the next look
George Orwell’s not a warning but a textbook
No more need to telephone
Just smile and wave ‘cause you’re never alone
Somebody, somebody is watching you

Somebody is watching you (4x)
Stay goodbye to mystery
Privacy is history
Somebody … somebody is watching you

Is there really someone watching everything I do?
If I’m so fascinating you can read my diary too
What a stride toward equality
Everybody’s on TV
Somebody …somebody is watching you

In the elevator…they’re checking you out
In the greyhound stationt…they’re checking you out
All day at the office…they’re checking you out
When you’re on vacation…they’re checking you out
In the store or on the street
You’re not even safe on the toilet seat
Somebody…is checking you out

So this year it’s a camera to catch you if you’re stealing
But we’re working on an electrode to find out what you’re feeling
There’s really nothing much to fear
Just watch your step when you come in here
‘Cause maybe…I’m the one who’s watching you

Somebody is watching you (4x)
Eat and drink and be of cheer
The sky has eyes and the walls have ears
Somebody…somebody is watching you

Somebody is watching you (4x)
Be a model citizen
Be a good boy turn your parents in
Somebody…somebody is watching you

(lyrics: Dan Bern)

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