Social Distancing

Social distancing
but we still can sing
send our messaging
and the phone can ring
with that little ping
what can your heart bring
and we still can sing
social distancing

It don’t have to be game over
It can be a 4-leaf clover
maybe next year we can meet
at the white cliffs of Dover
We could spend our time in whsin
We don’t need to hold suspicion
Keep it positive and strong
We can make it our mission


while we fold our wings stay close to the ground
We can spread our love around
We can open up our mouths and make that
Beautiful human sound
I’m over here, you’re over there
Doesn’t mean we don’t care
Just imagine you’re out in the woods
And you’re a hibernating bear

Hopefully you’ve got some rations
For your little–unpaid vacation
It’s time to go local–hunker down
If not exactly a celebration

You’re far enough away I guess
I kinda miss you I confess
Here’s hoping that you’re OK, staying well
God willing, Godspeed and God bless

(lyrics: Dan Bern)

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