Simple Mathematics

Simple mathematics, one plus two is three
And three’s a crowd as even you would probably agree
Simple mathematics, one from three is two
And in this case it happens that the minus one is you

Good bye, so long
There ain’t a thing to figure out, it ain’t some magic trick
Good bye, you’re gone
It’s nothing more than elementary arithmetic….

Chemical reaction, it’s nothing more than this
Those two kind of sit there, these two start to fizz
Chemical reaction, it’s really nothing more
You bring me H2O when I need H2SO4

Why do you insist on coming back and coming back
I hardly treat you better than a laboratory rat
There isn’t any mystery, one plus one don’t equal three
Some things you don’t need a masters degree
In order to see

Simple mathematics, here’s the simple fact
When you add a negative, you actually subtract
Simple mathematics, go scribble on the floor
All the numbers in the world won’t help you anymore

Good bye, so long
There never was a formula, there never was much hope
Good bye, you’re gone
To try to find what’s left, you’d need a super microscope

Simple mathematics (3x)

(lyrics: Dan Bern)

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