For well over a hundred years one rivalry’s been raw
Back to Wilbert Robinson, back to John McGraw
Back even before Babe Ruth broke in with the Sox
For a nickel, ride the streetcar from Brooklyn to the Bronx

From Ebbets Field in Brooklyn, and the Bronx’s Polo Grounds
Both side seemed to save their best til the other was around
When Branch Rickey brought in Jackie, Newk and Campy weren’t far behind
It paved the way for Mays and Monte Irvin to be signed

Yes I always thought the Dodger-Giant rivalry was best
It survived and thrived when both teams pulled up stakes and headed west
Mays and all the Giants planted roots up by the bay
While Koufax and the Dodgers were the toast of LA

They picked right up where they left off, the stadiums wee filled
Drysdale and Cepeda, McCovey, Maury Wills
One August night in ’65, it all came to a head
When Marichal turned and cracked a bat on Johnny Roseboro’s head

Rivalry, revelry
Passions runnin hot from sea to shinin sea
This is the real thing, ain’t no fantasy
Rivalry, Rivalry

This rivalry had Bobby Thompson’s Shot Heard Round the World
In ’62 another playoff, Giants rally, flag unfurled
In ’68, Dietz at the plate, Drysdale plunked Dick Dietz
They called Dietz out for standing there, preserving Drysdale’s streak

In ’93 Piazza wrecked the Giants the final day
Just like in ’82 when Morgan rushed hearts in LA
The black and orange seems to suit the rainy, misty bay
The flashy blue and white feels right down in sunny LA

LA fans drive the freeways, Giants fans ride the BART
Both teams have tried to be better than the Yankees; mostly they aren’t
Giants fans love a sourdough bread bowl in the fog
In LA they sing the praises of the Dodger Dog


Now sometimes rivalries are fun, but sometimes hatred ran
The worst was when some Dodger fans beat up a Giants fan
And since that time, the Giant-Dodger thing’s been kinda dark
Sometimes you’re scared to wear your hat in the other team’s park

But they all play the same game with a 108-stitch ball
Both have a bunch of pennants hanging on the wall
LA’s got 5 Series trophies, the Giants have 3 Cups
But even LA knows that San Francisco’s catching up

Bobby Bonds’ kid Barry sent balls splashing in the Bay
Bumgarner and Puig screamed at each other in LA
For 66 years, Dodger fans, had Scully in the booth
Russ Hodges, Jon Miller, could paint a story too

Just like Yin needs Yang, just like a hot dog needs a bun
Just like you need 3 bases and a plate to score a run
Just like Cain and Abel, they’re baseball’s warring brothers
But to be at their best, both sides need one another

Rivalry, Revelry
Passions running hot from sea to shining sea
This is the real thing ain’t no fantasy
Rivalry, Rivalry

Rivalry, Revelry
Brick by brick, Candlestick
Chavez Ravine, what a scene
Rivalry, Rivalry

(lyrics: Dan Bern)

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