Quarantined From Myself

Quarantine Me
I feel kinda green
I mighta been exposed to Covid-19
Got a mask on my mouth
Paper towels on the shelf
Now I wanna be quarantined from myself

Quarantine me
I think it’d new best
I got a funny feeling in my chest
I must not touch my hand to my face
Quarantine me from the human race

Quarantine me, Quarantine me
Bubble wrap me from my head to my feet
Quarantine me, Quarantine me
Seal me off, lock me up
Toss out the key

Quarantine me, I think it’d be grand
No fist bump, no high five, don’t shake my hand
Keep me from coughing on anyone else
And then I wanna be
Quarantined from myself

(lyrics: Dan Bern)

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