Protest Song

Why won’t Coach Romero play Bauer and Filosa
Along with Roman Sanchez, they’re the best on the team
Filosa is the one who gets all the rebounds
Bauer pops the threes and can jump out of the gym
Put your best guys out on the floor
It’s the only chance the team has this year
So come on Coach Romero play Bauer and Filosa
If you go down, go down with your best

If this was New York, fans would be screaming
Calling talk radio 24 hours a day
Saying why won’t coach Romero play Bauer and Filosa
The Post and Daily News would call for his head
I’m not saying New York is fair
They booed Mike Piazza when he came there
But at least if this was New York
They’d tell Coach Romero
Put Bauer and Filosa out on the floor

If Phil Jackson suddenly decided
Not to start Kobe, not to start Shaq
There would be an outcry, there would be a scandal
Everyone would jump on Phil Jackson’s back
A starting five without Bauer and Filosa
Helps Warriors and Spartans, Pirates and Indians
Licking their chops and biding their time
With Bauer and Filosa riding the pine

Next year, Coach Romero, when you play Socorro
Or Bernalillo, Grants, Tularosa
You’ll scratch your head & you’ll call a time out
You’ll scan the bench for Bauer and Filosa
But they’ll be gone to the cap and the gown sir
No more 40, no 32
So come one Coach Romero, you can be a hero
Play Bauer and Filosa–what’s stopping you?!

(lyrics: Dan Bern)

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