Permanently Hot

She enters the classroom walking that fallopian walk
Teacher sweats, he can’t hold his chalk
All the boys wear jock straps underneath their pants
No one invites her to the homecoming dance

She’s the permanently hot, cherry-popped
Knocked-up high school girl
With the ribbon on top

Principal dreams of watching her feed her next of kin
She walks the halls like Joan of Arc on mescaline
Tight pink pants, tight pink lips to go with ’em
Tell us about your log rhythm, log rhythm, log rhythm

Permanently hot, cherry popped
Knocked up high school girl
With the ribbon on top

Seventeen knows so many tricks
Seventeen going on 46
Why have all the girls gotten nasty & loud
Maybe they’re running with the wrong crowd—

Ema’s only 17, Ema’s in class
Ema’s got the school board hangin on her ass
Ema’s launching missiles in home economics
The superintendent’s reading dirty comics

She’s the permanently hot cherry-popped
Knocked up high school girl
With the Ribbon on top….

(lyrics: Dan Bern)

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