Opening Day

We’re all undefeated
It’s Opening Day
Everybody’s shoulder feels ok
Legs are fresh as young ponies at play
And everyone could be MVP
On Opening Day

The uniforms shine
The grass is bright green
No one’s made an error
ERA’s are pristine
Pennant hopes simmer from Wrigley to Yawkey Way
And if you’re lucky your grandpa will take you
To Opening Day

Opening Day
Opening Day
The visitors take the diamond
In their traveling grays
Opening Day
Opening Day
A single up the middle and you’re batting
A thousand, hooray

Opening Day
Opening Day
Gentlemen, start your engines
Up up and away
Opening Day
Opening Day
This is the year
It’s gonna be ok

You called in sick
Got you a ticket
Can’t wait to see the painted lines and the bricks
Popcorn or peanuts
You get your choice
Scully’s had six months to rest that Golden Voice
Winter coats and gloves and boots are put away
It’s Opening Day
That rookie could be the next Willie Mays
Opening Day
It’s really, truly finally here
Opening Day

(lyrics: Dan Bern)

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