Okie Girl

Okie Girl
It’s just too fresh
To sing the tune
I wanna do
A jaunty tune
But Okie Girl
It’s just too fresh
The wound too new

Every time I came through
I’d stop and spend some time with you
We’d drink our Cokes and figure out
What the world was coming to

We used to drive to Okemah just to get
A rock from Woody’s house
We always got breakfast at that Guatemalan place
In Oklahoma City

You read poems, I sang songs
Sometimes you sang your songs too
One time we made a record of you
For all the world, Okie Girl

You never went to church but all around were pictures
Of the Virgin and the Child
I told you once where I was headed you said I bin there
Never bin so bored in all my life—

In the sky there’s a cloud
In the water there’s a pearl
My good friend, my dear comrade
Gentle soul, Okie Girl

Okie Girl, Okie Girl
Okie Girl, Okie Girl

(lyrics: Dan Bern)