O Canada

As the president began to speak his voice was stern and tense
We’ve got to spend the money for a national defense
And we’re almost out of time as we’re all but hemmed in now
But I pledge to you my people that this nation will not bow
Our arsenal stands ready prepared to venture forth
To fight the evil empire that threatens from the north

O Canada
Forever be ashamed
Stand below her and blow her
To bits or else they’ll do the same

Across the land the high school band struck up Hail to the Chief
In the Houston Astrodome they burned a giant maple leaf
People magazine produced more Margaret Trudeau intrigue
The Expos were politely asked to leave the National League
Demonstrations in Montana ‘gainst the buildup indicated
That some US groups already were Toronto-infiltrated

O Canada
For the arms race you’re to blame
We don’t trust her, so we’ll bust her
And boycott the ’88 winter games

Speaking French or saying “eh”
Brought questions and hot lamps
Northern Minnesotans were placed in internment camps
Then came the shocking news they’ve made the MX obsolete
Wayne Gretzy skates with a Pershing ‘round Alberta’s icy streets
The president said Canada is godless without soul
Well, I’m not going to be remember as being the president who allowed honest,
decent, hard working Americans to be impaled on the end of a bunch of sharpened skiing poles

O Canada
Strangers on our lawn
I’ll stay in office and I’ll promise
To do for Montreal
What we did for Saigon

(lyrics: Dan Bern)

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