New America

The Buddha on his bicycle past people in the park
Schoolyard Execution Day so no one had to work
A Buddha had just eaten all the sadness on the earth for the seventh time
Then he threw it up and piled it up and packed it up and called it
New America

Jesus walked into the Internet Café
Said I know not what I do, and he blew himself away
The blood on the walls looked like the very best of Jackson Pollock
And for three days the chat rooms could talk of nothing else
In New America

Anabolic custard, Middle School candy
The rape of Colonel Mustard, compliments Officer Friendly
Prepubescent adolescent suicide mission before recess
And president’s in cartoon blown up some town
In New America

Six men in Washington lookin at their screens
Dropping bombs 10,000 miles away on human beings
Six kids in Davenport impatient with the virtualness of it all
No travel agent, newspapers, paintbrushes, lawnmowers, or Congress
In New America

Andy Warhol said we’ll all get 15 minutes of fame
But since then the stakes have been raised in the game
You ‘re gonna have to die for it, or no one’s even interested
Jump off a building, take somebody out
For New America

(lyrics: Dan Bern)

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