My Little Swastika

the chinese had it for 20,000 years
the nazis took it and made it spell tears
still has power to hurt a little bit
but now I’m decorating my house with it

my little swastika
my little swastika
you can do what you want
but I’m taking it back
it’s not yours anymore
it’s mine now

well, it stands for john, paul, george, & ringo
stands for groucho, harpo, zeppo, & chico
looks like four sevens which is 28
which is half of joe dimaggio’s hitting streak


well, I got me a white one to give to my bride
I got me a black one that my uncle dyed
green means football, that’s the notre dame sign
I got me a pink one: gay pride


so if you see me wearing a swastika tonight
don’t be angry, don’t start a fight
raise your voices up above
oooooh! swastika love


(lyrics: Dan Bern)