My Frigerator Broke*

Got tuna fish in my pocket
Butter up my sleeves
Eggs tucked in my dungarees
Socks are full of cheese
You might call me crazy
But this is not a joke
My frigerator, frigerator, frigerator

Why should I throw my food away
Why should it go to waste
That would not be clever
Not be in good taste
I’ll stay out in the cold all night
It’s tough but I’ve adjusted
My frigerator, frigerator, frigerator

My frigerator busted
But I won’t sing the blues
Carrots are my curlers
Potatoes are my shoes….

Cream cheese in my cowboy boots
In my hat’s the beer
Pickles tucked behind my ears
A roast strapped to my rear
Might I raise my armpit
And offer you a Coke
My frigerator, frigerator, frigerator’s

(lyrics: Dan Bern)