Mr. Oliver’s Dead

The ice cream truck dive came to his final resting place not far from here
He sold his last grape popsicle to a black-haired girl named Ellen Greer
She took it home and froze it in the hope that it would last
The boys asked for a taste but she just bowed her head and passed them by in silence

In his heyday he sold flavors like lemon-lime and watermelon
He’d balance them on his fingers, just like he did for Ellen
And he wasn’t very handsome, and you wouldn’t call him smart
But everything he did was like a piece of his own heart dripping on the sidewalk

Mr. Oliver’s dead
Shovel sand over his head
Make sure everybody is fed

Mr. Oliver’s done
Play ball with your daughter and son
Make sure everybody has fun
Take your clothes off and lie in the sun

(lyrics: Dan Bern)

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