Moving On

I’m moving on
This place paralyzes me
Moving on, moving on
I’m moving on
Maybe someplace by the sea
Moving on, moving on

And while I know
We might not survive the change
But move on, and break apart
But if you gotta move on
You gotta move on
I hear that’s how it’s done in old Saigon

And in Saigon
There’s a man with a cane
Sleeps with the rats
On Kennedy lane
They call him senator
He smokes cigars
They make bets on when he’ll croak
In some of the bars

I’m moving on
It seems time
If you wanna move on too
You can climb
In the seat next to me
And we’ll just go
There’s people we can mooch off in El Paso

Jesus was
A carpenter’s son
His dad built shelves
When little Jesus was young
Build so many shelves
They started snapping in the dark
And Jesus got so scared he had to move to an apartment

I never thought
When I opened my mouth
This would be
A song of the south
These paddle boats
They move so slow
And I feel like I don’t wanna
Ever go

But I’m moving on
My time of rest is done
There’s Coca Cola
To endorse
There’s Nike shoes
To endorse
And I’m going to take my
Cel phone out to the golf course

And on the golf course
In old Saigon
There’s a monument
To Jesus’ mom
One for Ho Chi Minh
On the 16th tee
And on the 17th
There’s one for me

I’m moving on
Hell yes, I’m moving on
Let’s just drive
Til we break down
I’m moving on
To fairer skies
I’m moving on
So long, farewell, goodbye….

(lyrics: Dan Bern)

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