Everybody’s busy
Everybody’s busy
Everybody’s busy
Makin’ monuments
Makin’ monuments

Some are buildin churches
Some are writin plays
Some are makin movies
With a crew on seven days

Some are servin oceans
One cup at a time
Some are savin towers
From every single dime

Some are eatin garbage dumps
Some are sweatin lakes
Some are painting frosting
One a million wedding cakes

Everybody’s busy
Making monuments
Everybody’s busy
Making monuments

Some are writin novels
Some are writin on walls
Some are ridin horses
Into secret stalls

Some are building in secret
Some are on the news
Some build without knowing
Some bring in camera crews

Some are swingin hammers
Some are poundin nails
Some are reading mountains
Some are reading Braille

Everybody’s busy
Makin monuments
Makin monuments

Everybody’s busy
Makin monuments
Makin monuments

Some are pourin cement
Some are sawing wood
Some are filin papers
Some are sellin blood

Some are sellin nose rings
Some are sellin jets
Some are climbin mountains
That no one’s been to yet

Some are chiselin granite
Some are lickin stamps
Some are throwing guitars
Through Hoovergraphic amps

Some are honkin symphonies
Through sleepy city streets
Some are running leap years
And acres on their feet

Everybody’s busy makin monuments, etc.

(lyrics: Dan Bern)

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