McDLT, McNuggets and Mikhail

How do you keep em in Atmolyinsk
Once they’ve tasted that sesame seed bun
Once Chicken McNuggets have passed their lips
The commies will be on the run
The big bad bear stopped huffin and puffin
Said you take Poland, give us Egg McMuffin
All it takes to make you see with western eyes
Is a shake, a quarter pounder and an order of fries

A meal used to mean waitin’ hours in line
Now they got them fast food snacks
A communist party in the 90’s
Means birthday time at Mac’s
Historians are digging up facts like these
Marx and Engels used to love McDlt’s
Gorbachev’s new Moscow home
Has a special sauce, lettuce, cheese & onion dome

Who needs gloomy novels
Who needs Vaclav Havel
Come and watch us deep fat fry
Russian as apple pie

How do you keep em in Vladivostok
Once they’ve eaten Big Mac and cherry coke –
Perestrokia ain’t gonna fail
With McDlt, McNuggets, and Mikhail
McDlt, McNuggets, and Mikhail

(lyrics: Dan Bern)

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