Martin Luther King

How you spending Nigger Day
Amber asked me with a grin
She laughed and lit a cigarette
She said I didn’t mean a thing
But maybe we ought to have Chink Day too
I said Jew Day’s got a nice ring
And the bookstore was open and the bank was closed
For Martin Luther King

And the high school kids had the day off
A couple of them were coming by
They knew my songs I guess the internet stretches
Way out to the land of the dry
They had some songs they’d written
And I was gonna get to hear them sing
And the sun was out and the clouds just sitting
For Martin Luther King

And the guy in the comic book store next door
Drove into the fence
Knocked a cabinet over and into my van
Gave it a pretty good dent
But I wasn’t gonna sweat it, it already had dents
And besides I own the damn thing
And it didn’t really seem like getting bent out of shape
Would honor Martin Luther King

We were trying to figure out how to get the water
From the outside from coming in
Me and Bill and Mario
They own the place, I was just renting
Every time it rained it flooded out
And my stuff got wet, everything
And I was looking for a line but couldn’t find it
Something about Martin Luther King

(lyrics: Dan Bern)

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