American needs a queer eye for the straight guy
But not for its taste in suits or wine
Need a queer eye for the straight guy
For your soul this time
Thought we’d never elect this dunce
But if we were stupid enough to put him there once
Maybe we’re dumb enough
To bring him back

Now when the archeologists of the future
Dig through all the grime
They’ll think McDonalds were the churches of our time
Drive-thru absolution
Offerings of meat
And a golden twin arch steeple at the end of every street
But oh, now we’ve gone to Mars

We can chop down all the Redwoods
Don’t worry about AIDS or SARS
Mad cow animal cannibals
Chemicals in little jars
Sweet dreams rest easy
We’re going to Mars
Yeah, Mars is the answer
It’s hip, it’s now, it’s chic

If you’re tired of Cabo San Lucas
And you’re looking for something new this week
It’s the new Millennium Ibiza
It’s this year’s blue corn chips
It’s a four year cruise with a full buffet
And the Flaming Lips

So while the planet’s getting hotter
And the deaf sing to the blind
Just when you thought there’s no escape
You can leave it all behind
Yeah, you can tear the ground to pieces
If you’re aiming for the stars
Interplanetary eye for the earth guy’s
Sending you to Mars

(lyrics: Dan Bern)

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