Luke the Drifter

Came home after the moon trip
Didn’t have a lot to say
Guess my mind was shot pretty good since seein the Milky Way
And my gal was kinda wonderin which way it was gonna go
And so was I by the way

And I was not ready to enlist another soul in my research
That guy’s got no taste, the guy in the corner, he’s John Birch
And I heard that you bin callin, and I ain’t pickin up the phone
You came to me in a dream one time and said leave me alone

Oh life ain’t tragic mostly
Life is magic somely

And I found myself writin long poetic lines with awesome rhymes
And maybe you’re thinkin Dylan, but to me it’s just that shit
Alexander Pope was runnin, and hey
Don’t blame me for a crooked nose
That my vocal passage blows a certain way
I am God’s only son
No mistakin this time around

And how much is it worth
To finally get some sleep
Without heroin or Valerian, or Tylenol PM
And I figured I might just put my Mexican money where my mouth is
Go two hands on the forehand and backhand
Like Monica Seles, Pancho Segura, Marion Bartoli
To name some

Oh life ain’t magic mostly
Life is tragic somely

Maybe we’re one too many cats
Maybe one of us should be a dog
Maybe I just wanna wake up under a hollow log
Maybe I’m Luke the Drifter
And my nature is to drift
Maybe I got one masterpiece in me, like Johnny Swift
Yeah but if I never get there
I’ll be all right with that
Tomorrow sundown could be nothin left of me but my hat
Hello Johnny
Hello Johnny

Johnny let me be the first to welcome you in here
Not sure if there’s a bar, but I bet it’s easy to smuggle in beer
Someone’s makin shortbread
Nothing ever smelled so good
Johnny boy I think you’re gonna like this neighborhood
I do not want to live my life from regret

Either way, stay or go, go or stay
Just do one or the other

With one of your eyes I fell in love, the other eye’s my friend
Guess that’s just how we’ll let this particular story end
I played catch with some kid today on the other side of the fence
Ain’t seen his face don’t know his name, the best part was the silence
Oh life ain’t tragic mostly
Life is magic somely
Life is life Ali

(lyrics: Dan Bern)