Lithuania II

And then one day I went back to Lithuania
One day I went back to Lithuania
Flew into the capital, found a modern city
Lincoln town cars, cash machines, art galleries, McDonald’s
And a big clock counting the seconds down
One by one to the millennium
Seventeen million seven oh three
Seventeen million seven oh two
Seventeen million seven oh one

And on a beautiful sunny day
With a blue sky with soft clouds
Like an Indian coming back to Wounded Knee
I drove to a village called Skud
Where on a summer day in 1941
All the jews were taken from their homes
Taken and led into a clearing
Surrounded by trees and a river
And shot dead one by one
One by one shot dead


And forty women came up to me
Forty women came up to me
Said You are from the old times.
We wanna have a child with you.
I said I am a wanderer.
I only come through every now and again.
I’d see you once in a while, maybe, not more.
But that’s how we re-seeded Lithuania
That’s how we re-seeded Lithuania


I wanna come clean with you
Wanna come clean with you right now
Everything I’ve ever done
I was a front for the CIA
Taking pictures with my guitar
Filing reports on you
Before you do anything else
You can try to figure out whether or not
Some long dead person
Has been speaking to you in your dreams
We are the people of the cusp
Born in one millenium, die in the next
Bringing the holy books to the new land
Passing them along to the kids

And remember that Mike Piazza
Was the heart of the Dodgers
And they traded him and they try to figure out
What’s wrong with that team
I am pretty content right now
To sit around and cook the eggs
Keep the windows all wide open
Make friends with all the birds


(lyrics: Dan Bern)

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