John Wilkes Booth

I got money to blow
And there’s this girl that I know
She’s got whisky in her pants
She’s a real good dancer
I’ve got a pocket full of change
That I’d love to rearrange
I’ve got money to blow
And there’s this girl I know
She’s good at danger

I’ve got a mouth full of sass
I’ve got a paper full of grass
I’ve got a sock full of sand
Don’t it feel just grand
I got a sack full of seed
And you know what I need
I need a girl who’s willing to go out
And make a killing
On some shiny shiny beads

I got a big motor car
In back there’s a bar
And the show it shows the most
It shows Space Ghost
It’s a funky red jalopy
Bright red like a poppy
We play Merle Haggard tunes
On the dashboard with spoons
Mister do you have a copy

I, I think of you when I wake up
I, I wanna pour you in a cup
And drink you down
And drink you down
And drink you down
And drink you down

I wander round during the day
Ain’t got nothing much to say
Look up at the clouds sometimes
Jangle pennies, nickels, dimes
Sometimes I think I’m Van Gogh
Sometimes I’m Pinocchio
I got a long long nose
And I lie through my teeth
And I figure that it shows

I, I’m a monkey in a cage
I would love for you to turn my page
And then again
And then again
And then again
And then again

Come on up and see my room
You can fly in on your broom
You can have some chocolate cake
Talk like Veronica Lake
I got more money than I should
You can have some if you’re good
And if you’re really really nice
I’ll chew your chewing gum twice
I’d do the same for Robin Hood

I, I got the holy medallion
Ah, you can ride me like a stallion

Been eating chicken all alone
Babe I’ll show you the bone
Let me tell you the reason
For keeping flowers out of season
Let me tell you the truth
About John Wilkes Booth
He was really really good
Except for one misunderstood
Night he went a little crazy

(lyrics: Dan Bern)

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