Jew From Kentucky

I kiss the mezuzah when I go in the door
I read me a little Hebrew ’til a quarter past four
I suck down lone star beer from my bar mitzvah cup
put on my phylacteries when I wake up

I’m a Jew from Kentucky
that’s what I am
the good lord foresaw it
with his infinite plan
wherever I wander
wherever I roam
forever a Jew with Kentucky my home

i nosh me a kishke with grits and cole slaw
i blow that ol’ shofar on rosh hashana
i sing from the torah while my dog chases wood sticks
the neighbors don’t like it, but they all are nudniks

when the rabbi comes by
we drink beer on the lawn
we cheer for the wildcats
with our yar-mul-kees on
when he gets up to leave
i say rabbi, don’t go
you can’t drive your pickup on shabbas, you know


my daddy said, son you should stay in New York
or you’ll marry a shiksa, you’ll start eating pork
but when I found me my true love I said daddy, see
i married a Jew from Kentucky like me

we’re Jews from Kentucky
that’s what we are
we drink our mint juleps from a kosher dill jar
wherever we wander, wherever we roam
Jews from Kentucky is always at home
‘zai gesund

(lyrics: Dan Bern)

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