Jesus’ House

I went to Jesus’ house
His mom came to the door, said what do you want
I said can Jesus come out and play
She said I’ll go see if he’s still online or not
Why don’t you come in
In out of the cold
To Jesus’ House.

I went in Jesus’ room
On his wall were pictures of Angelina Jolie
He said my mom and dad have been making me practice the violin
But something about the violin ain’t holy

He pulled on an Oklahoma sweatshirt
Brushed past me and said let’s get outta here
His mom yelled are you gonna be warm enough
I said Dr. and Mrs. Christ, see you later

And we jumped in my car
Give the gas and roared away
From Jesus’ house

We did the Wendy’s drive-thru
He told me that he was through
With his girlfriend Wendy
That big ol’ buxom redhead
I asked have you been thinking
About college and your future
He said I’d consider getting
One of them three-months Greyhound bus passes
Get out of the house

We stopped and sat beside a river
He said Jackson Pollock, now, that old boy could paint
I said tomorrow’s Sunday, should we go to church
He said what do you think I am, some kind of saint

We checked out what was playing
at the mall as far as movies
But all they had was stuff we’d seen
or Disney kinda crap
Jesus said I’m hungry
I said so soon after Wendy’s
He said my mom was making latkes
Maybe we could score some of those

At Jesus’ houseā€¦.

(lyrics: Dan Bern)

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