Jesus’ Birthday

I don’t mind Christmas
I see nothing wrong with celebrating Jesus’ birthday for a month
Celebrating Jesus’ birthday for a month
It’s just that I don’t want to do it every year
Every year

So what if one day every year we celebrated something
And took a month to prepare but every year somebody else gets to,
Else gets to decide
So next year maybe the National Book Club
And they decide to celebrate Toni Morrison
Everybody in the country takes December
And reads all her books and on the 25 of December
Toni Morrison herself comes on the TV and the radio from 12 until 3
And reads Song of Solomon
And reads Song of Solomon
And then everybody eats way too much
I think that would be a pretty cool thing to do

And maybe one year the people who decide what we’ll do this time is some club
That says take your clothes off
Take your clothes off
Take off your clothes
And everyone for one day walks around nude
They go to work, to the post office, ride the bus
It’s not a big deal
It’s not a sex thing
They’re just nude
And for a couple hours
Everybody’s freaking out
The contrast and compare
Is it polite just too stare
But they’re nude too
And after a while it’s no big deal
They’re just nude

And maybe we should move to the 4th of July
Cuz it’s warmer and it’d be nice to be nude outside
It wouldn’t cost anything
And we’d probably be happy the next day

(lyrics: Dan Bern)

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