So many things to think about
And if I really tried
Einstein’s theory of relativity
Could keep my occupied
But no matter what I do
To keep great thoughts in my head
Four little letters makin’ up one word
Keep spinning ’round instead

Jane Jane Jane
Your name reverberates through my brain
Jane Jane Jane

I bought a dictionary
All it did was get in the way
And not enough J
I wake up in the morning
With your name on my lips
I’m thinking of learning how to read in Braille
To have you at my fingertips

Jane Jane Jane …

Conversation isn’t easy
With such a one-track mind
If I thought about science
Like I think about you
I’d win a Nobel Prize

I went to see a therapist
The result was just the same
We played word-association
And all I said was Jane
Yeah there’s much too much to think about
Enough to make you go insane
You can all think about everything else
I’ll think about Jane Jane Jane Jane …

(lyrics: Dan Bern)