It Didn’t Work Out

You want details?
Just look into my eyes
You want names, faces, dates, places
Color of my shoelaces
Well I’d really love to twist and shout
But it didn’t work out

You want details?
Just take a look in my heart
You want cold facts, numbered stacks,
Velocity at impact
Do I really leave you any doubt
It didn’t work out

I took a chance
Drove for days without bread
For romance
Found a buddy instead

So for details
Little details
Just open up your ears and eyes
Hear the sound of the songs I sing
Watch how I let the telephone ring and ring
See the unread letters that the mailman brings
Do I really gotta spell it out?
It didn’t work out

Why these questions
I got nothing to say
Why all these questions
I’ve already thrown yesterday away

Will you still dog me in an aeroplane
And ask me why I don’t stay out of the rain
Why compare prices in the restaurant
It‘s facts and figures that you want

Just details,
Silly details
When if you bothered to look you’d know

One, two, scuffle my shoe
Three four, slam the door
Five six ,smash some sticks
Seven eight, gay or straight
Nine ten, kill than hen
I don’t think I have to shout
It didn’t work out

Didn’t work out
Didn’t work out
Didn’t work out
It didn’t work out

(lyrics: Dan Bern)

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