The Inheritance

The inheritance came through
Tonight I’m taking you to dinner and a show
I feel a little bad because if Alfred was alive
We’d be staying home tonight
But what you gonna do, he died
And the inheritance came through

The inheritance came through
In his will he said if I could give you anything at all
It’d be a time machine to take you to the sermon on the mount
The parting of the Red Sea And a baseball game between
the Tigers and the Yankees around 1918
So you could see Babe Ruth and Cobb in their prime
But all I can do is leave you a couple grand
And I hope you something that you like to do
When the inheritance comes through

Alfred was a friend of my mom and dad
He was a journalist and traveled all around the world
His hair was white
I didn’t know him well but just well enough to know
That I wished I knew him when he was my age

The inheritance came through
I think I’ll go and buy me a brand new pair of jeans
Pay a couple bills so they don’t disconnect the phone
I can’t go back in time
But I can take a pair of shoes to be resoled
When the inheritance comes through

(lyrics: Dan Bern)

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