Darling I have strung you up & hung you out to dry
Since our easy, early days it seems like years
I speak now to you and to myself and to the world
That 3-pronged sum of all my fears

My only friend sometimes has been uncertainty
Swaying like the trees out on the coast

I’m in, I’m in,
Blood and paper and pen
Turn the page over
Step outta the cage
I’m in

I’m in, I’m in
Only way you can win
Hello blue sky, welcome to me
I’m in

Sometimes I am lonely for something I cannot name
Or maybe fear of what aint happened yet
But if you’re gonna make it, or make something of yourself
Cash in when you’ve made the winning bet

I have been as low as any man could get
Only but by accident still here

I’m in, I’m in,
Pour me a tonic and gin
Make some room in the circle,
I’m in

(lyrics: Dan Bern)