Human Error

I want more bad calls by the umpires

I don’t need satellites calling balls and strikes

I want McEnroe yelling you cannot be serious

I don’t need the eye in the sky getting every line call right

I want donnybrooks and dustups and arguments in bars

I want mistakes carrying the 1, no quantum computers

I don’t care if you think it’s unfairer

Give me –Human Error


I want guitars out of tune with the violin

I don’t need every instrument within the same semitone

Wanna hear the singer reach for that high note on Fly Me to the Moon

Get outta here with your Autotune

Give me a map, let me get lost

Turn off GPS, like a ship let’s get tossed

You take Alexa, I’ll take Yogi Berra

Give me—Human Error


I don’t need my games decided by some satellite in space

Let Grandpa decide who won the race

Let’s flip for who’s champion and who gets second place


I don’t care whats fairer

Give me the Eye Test, that’s my comparer

Give me—Human Error

(lyrics: Dan Bern)

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