At the unveiling of your dad’s gravestone
He died one year ago
So it’s you and me, and some of your friends
And that is all
And I can’t help but feeling, where are all the grown-ups
To make this official
But I guess this is it
And that’s how it goes
We are the grownups now; we are the grownups now

It’s a hot, hot day
New Jersey in August
Radio says
It’s a hundred and climbing
& when do we start
& who gives the signal
who drops the flag, well
I guess (that) we do
As we mop the sweat from our brow
We are the grownups now

The grass is high, it could use a trim
But it’s so hot and dry
It might just turn brown and burn

So your Dad is gone
& so is your Mom
& my Dad’s gone
Some 10 years now
& the trees speak not
& the sun beats hot
& you wanna sleep out, on a blanket or cot
It’s as quiet as the silence will allow
& we are the grownups now…
we are the grownups now

(lyrics: Dan Bern)

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