Graduation Day

Graduation day
All the pretty girls in their finery walking by
Makes me think of you, more or less
Graduation day
Half of them relieved to be finally movin’ on
The other half…scared to death
And maybe it’s the tune of the tellers in the trees
Maybe all this rockin’ from point A to point B
Maybe the balloons in the street makin’ me see
That it’s our graduation day, too

On the promenade
Flowers in their hair and tattoos on their shoulders
Eighteen hour drive and back from here to Boulder
Last night was a trial, but last night we were older
Than this afternoon

And from this moment, everything begins
From this point on, everything is spinning
Up and down, and Angelina sinning
Round and round

Graduation day
Somewhere out west, I see you sitting, painting in the sun
The sun, the sky, the gold and the blue
Graduation day
The windows all are open
And the skirts are getting small
I hear all, see all, know what to do
‘Cause maybe all our pearls are fake
Our horns don’t make a sound
Maybe all our pennies have been looted from the fountain
Maybe these old rags they ain’t no cap and no gown
But it’s our graduation day … too

(lyrics: Dan Bern)

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