Geneva Romance

My country ‘tis of thee
Sweet land of liberty
Of thee I—-
Oh ee oh, oooh oh, Oh ee oh, oooh oh, Oh ee oh, oooh oh, Ohhhhhhh….

One sunny day in Switzerland the power elite
Came together finally to meet
The world looked on in fascination
Both the right and left
At Reagan–and Gorbachev

Behind closed doors they met to face the issues of the day
The price of another war which we all would have to pay
The insults had been hurled and the flags had been unfurled
And so the two men gathered here to try and save the world

Everyone was waiting for Gorbachev– and Reagan

Ron said I must win this Geneva summit
Or my TV ratings will plummet
If I give in on Star Wars, said Mikhail
The whole Politburo would have my tail

Their stone faces froze, their blood pressures rose
They frowned and stared, they hissed and glared–
But just at the pint of danger, something odd began to change there
As they stared, as they stared, as they stared–

Just a little Geneva Romance
First a handshake, then a whisper, then a glance
Excited hearts beating, Alpine summit meeting
Two leaders in their underpants

Just a little Geneva romance
Nice change from Nicaragua or Gdansk
We’ll feel each other’s muscles, next time around in Brussels
Or perhaps try a villa in France

And they danced..lalalalalala
And they danced lalala lalala lalala

They rumbad to the radiator, tangoed on the way back
Reagan danced like Fred Astaire, Gorbachev like a Cossack
He said. Mr President!!– said Reagan, call me Ron
They polkaed until midnight, then slow danced until dawn….

Ron said your accent’s charming
Gorbachev said yours too
Ron said let’s talk disarming
Gorbachov said oh please let’s do

Next day the press conference went just as expected
Both men said all our proposals rejected
It’s quite disappointing but we’ll meet again soon
Well, we’ve planned the next summit for Rio in June

And the two leaders said their farewells and shook hands
Cameramen fought for position and stance
As the limos were trotted out, the two leaders thought about
Their discreet little weekend Geneva romance

(lyrics: Dan Bern)

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