Free As I Want To Be

I’m as free as I want to be
That’s because I chose to be
I didn’t do nothing today
I just lay around
I was too late for everything I wanted to do
I didn’t know what to say, I didn’t know what to play
And I came down here
But I told myself
“I’m as free as I want to be”
And that was enough

And Siwaty come up to me and she said
“What do you want to drink?”
And I thought , “Man
First time I came in here
She wouldn’t my money
My money wasn‘t good enough
Isn’t that right Swatto
The owner’s now taking nickels
I had quarters
I had mostly quarters
She said, “Your money’s no good”
So I went away stewing and steaming
And tonight, I walk in here
She said, “They’re waiting for you
And would you like something to drink
Man, times are good
I’m as free as I want to be

And I think the guys who are at the bar
I think the guys who are at the bar
I think the guys who are at the bar
Are at the bar
I think the people who are on the floor
Are on the floor
And the people who are standing
With their arms folded after two hours
Still folding your arms
Still not sure
Why not be open arms
Because, I guess, just because
But still, you do whatever you want
As far as I’m concerned
Your as free as you want to be
Who saw that coming?
I can’t surprise you anymore
Gonna have to show a new bridge
That you didn’t expect
Who thought that this chord was going to come right then

I am
I am
I am making this up on the spot
And I don’t know what should come next
If anybody could help
But it’s okay
I’m as free as I want to be

I am young
And twenty-one
I live in a hotel
That thinks it’s a halfway house
They let me throw things at the wall
Things with paint
You know, the new year came and went so quick for me
I was working all during the new year
And then on about the fourth of January
A couple of days ago
I suddenly woke up and I realized it was the new year
And I got depressed
I thought, “Man, there was so much I wanted to do
So much I wanted to change now
And it’s already well into the ‘90’s
So I thought maybe I’d write a little song
I thought maybe I’d write an epic song
A song that will change everything
Once and for all
I thought that’s a good idea”
Then I woke up and got something to eat
And went back to bed

(lyrics: Dan Bern)

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