Last time I came through here
The big dance band was mine
I sang of things that mattered
Revolution, Palestine
Afterwards, we walked alone
The moon was out, your eyes they shone
And I gave you Forget-Me-Nots
You whispered, “Take me home”
And I said “Home is oh so far away
“And anyway, I’ve got so much to do
“‘Fore I can think of heading home”
Heading home

Last time, when I came through here
I just strummed guitar
Laid the chords and kept the beat
For the big, new singing star
Afterward, I scanned the crowd
Out by the bus you weren’t around
And I trashed my Forget-Me-Nots
Thought of you, and thought of home
But home is oh so far away
And anyway, I got so much to do
‘Fore I can think of heading home
Heading home

Maybe you were out of town
Who knows, your job could keep you working nights
Maybe it’s not just because my star ain’t shining quite so bright
Maybe next time I come through
You’ll be waiting when they turn the lights down low
And I’ll give you Forget-Me-Nots
You’ll whisper “Take me home”
And I’ll say “Home is not so far away
“And anyway, ain’t got much to do
“Maybe it’s time we’re heading home”
Heading home

(lyrics: Dan Bern)