For The Stage

I woke up today with something nagging at my breast
And I would not be your friend if I didn’t get this off my chest
You’re starting to look a little desperate
And that can make you act in ways that don’t serve you

Leave your acting baby for the stage
You should know the line between the curtain and the mezzanine
Imagine ballplayer trying to make his way
Who walks into a store and starts swinging his bat

I think you’re on the road to hurting yourself
Losing touch with yourself and the people around you

Leave yourself alone
And leave your acting for the stage

Sometimes you gotta do, things you don’t like
It’s the way of the world
If you wanna work on characters, do it on your own time
Or don’t make it so obvious; honey I’d ‘a fired you myself

When you’re not willing to drop an obvious façade
People start to think why should I waste my time
And just ‘cause everybody disagrees with you
Doesn’t necessarily mean you’re right

Don’t let your soul become a shell
Make everyone around you just an audience
You been in the city too long
You oughta get some dust on your shoes

I say this as a friend who wants to cheer for you
Sitting in the front row at Carnegie Hall

Leave yourself alone—
And leave your acting for the stage

(lyrics: Dan Bern)

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