Everything Is Connected

Volcano in the Philippines,
And the ocean turns warm
Means more rain this winter
In Los Angeles.

Tides on the earth
They follow the moon.
President’s itinerary
Is ruled by the stars.

Snow in Santiago mean sunshine up here
If you kiss me & hold me, I’ll make love to you.

Everything (3x)
Is connected.
Is connected

If an earthquake hits Hollywood;
If the big one hits here…
Then Japan watches reruns
For the rest of the year.

Me & my Dad did not see eye to eye.
Just like him
And his Dad
And his Dad and his Dad’s Dad.

My big break came after I cleaned off my desk
If I love you enough the world will go on…

Everything (3x)
is connected. is connected

Everything is connected,
Everything comes with a string tied from itself
To 610 billion things

Volcano in the Philippines
and the ocean turns warm
Means more rain this winter
in Los Angeles…

is connected

(lyrics: Dan Bern)

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