Yes I’ve seen that look before
In photographs of prison camps in the Second World War
You’ve been hit with everything the world has got
And all you want is water and a blanket and a cot
All you want is sleep but you probably won’t get it
There is evil here and it looks like you let in

Looks like the work of Eleanor
Telltale signs you can’t ignore
Hangin’ of the head and the eyes to the floor

I seen that face on a New York cop
Minutes before he jumped off the top of the World Trade Center
Way down town
Screaming Eleanor Eleanor all the way down
I tried to tell him she wasn’t worth it
But all it did was make him curse her louder

It’s like something Eleanor done
Looks like a total eclipse of the sun
The wine is stale and the bread’s all gone

Could be an earthquake or a hurricane
Or a tornado out on the flood plain
Could be a fire or the third world war
Or an act of God, but it’s probably Eleanor

I seen Eleanor do her tricks
On men as strong as a mountain of bricks
I’ve seen good men brought down like birds
If you’ve got a good gun you don’t need no words
So when I see you it brings me to grief
Better check in for disaster relief

Eleanor’s done it again
Too late to avoid your pain
Just get out man, in the cold, and the rain

(lyrics: Dan Bern)

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